4 October 2016

5 Tips to Instantly Create a More Positive Workplace Environment

"The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain"

Managers often find that despite their best efforts, their employees are unwilling to use benefits due to a collective stigma against their use. Whether it is unused vacation time or a reluctance to climb into a nap pod, many benefits are not utilized. Simply providing the benefit may not be enough. Here are 5 ways to give your employees a little nudge:

  1. Set the example
    By putting away your phone in the evening or regaling your team with tales of your latest vacation in the Bahamas, you can make your employees feel much more comfortable going ahead and taking some time to themselves. 
  2. Make it fun
    One company awards a sleep cap to the office "sleepyhead" who uses the nap pods the most. A fun prize may be just what your office needs in order to effectively incentivize the use of benefits. 
  3. Ensure your team has a manageable workload
    A common grievance is that while companies to provide paid time off (PTO), there is simply too much work to realistically use it. Employees may feel they are letting their team down by using PTO. Ensure that you are not assigning your employees so much work that they feel unable to take personal time.
  4. Have a back-up plan
    If an employee is out of the office and you do have an emergency at work, ensure you have a back-up plan about how it can be resolved. Ensure you have collected appropriate documentation are privy to the work all team members are doing. This will also give employees a little comfort in vacationing.
  5. Study it!
    Use a tool (like Wysdom) to assess the productivity and creativity gains your team is making by using their benefits. You can then share this information with the team to motivate greater use of benefits!
author Mark M
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