24 August 2016

Find the missing link

Activity Purpose: Reveal communication lapses

Activity Duration: 30-60 min

Group Size: 8+

The find the missing link exercise is a basic follow the leader style game that helps identify where you may be misleading your team or where your team feels you need to be more thorough in your explanations.

Activity Setup:

  • Present a series of statements one by one, and ask your team to write down what the phrases mean to them. Examples: “Turn this in at once,” “let’s meet downstairs,” and “By end of day please”.
  • Have each person read his or her interpretation aloud and note the differences.
  • Ask the group for ways to remove ambiguity in conversation and expectations.

This activity shows that even phrases we think are clear may not be. Teams thrive when communication is clear, concise, direct and commonly understood by all.

author Mark M
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