24 August 2016

Focus Check

Activity Purpose: Focus Check
Activity Duration: 2-3 minutes

The purpose of the activity is to highlight personal highlight what your mind is focusing and if you are striving to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Take a quick moment to refocus yourself when you feel like you are running without a purpose. This will optimize your productivity!

Focus Finder

  1. Take a moment away from your computer and desk

  2. Close your eyes and think of your top three goals for today

  3. Evaluate the progress of those goals. 

  4. Ask yourself if these goals are achievable for today.

  5. Think of the steps you need to take to achieve the goals.

  6. Open your eyes. Find a stationary point to focus your mind and eyes (a tree limb, a stop sign, a tile on the floor, etc.)

  7. Focus just on that stationary point for 30 secs. Think of only focusing on that point. 

  8. After the 30 secs of focusing, return to your desk and write down your 3 goals for today.

  9. Restart work with your focused goals in mind.

author Mark M
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