24 August 2016


Activity Purpose: Fun Way of Giving Feedback!
Activity Duration: 30 minutes
Group Size: 10 - 20 people

The purpose of the activity is to highlight positive character traits and areas of improvement for your colleagues. Pair your team into groups of two. Each group will be responsible for finding gifts for every other member of the team. The gifts should represent two positive messages and one critical message. For example: "We give you a pair of scissors because you are very incisive with your thoughts and comments. You cut through any jargon or muddled ideas to find clarity for us. However, sometimes, your comments can cut or bruise others." If you cannot find gifts, you can also mime gifts!

Gift-finding: 15 minutes

Identify where gifts can be sourced from (ex. inside the office, in the office kitchen, etc.) and ask pairs to find gifts for every other team members!

Gift-sharing: 15 minutes

Give pairs 2-3 minutes to share the gifts they have found for other team members!

Optional: post-activity check-in

This activity is meant as a fun way to share feedback. However, it is always advisable to check in with employees and ask if they found the activity "uplifting" or found it as a "knock back"

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