4 August 2016

Human Knot Challenge

Activity Purpose: Boost Team Communication and Creativity
Activity Duration: 15-30 minutes
Group Size: 10-20 people

The human knot exercise is a team building exercise that will get your team's creative mind going. It is a great way to kickoff a new project or problem-solving exercise to build team chemistry. No materials are needed.

Activity: 10-30 minutes

For the best results, direct the group of participants to sit in circle, shoulder to shoulder. Tell everyone to raise their right hand into the air and grab the hand of the participant standing across the circle from them. Next, requests the participants with their left hand to grab someone else's left hand who's standing next to them. The objective of the game is to untangle the knot without breaking the chain. At the beginning of each round, share a new element of a new project or existing work obstacle with the team. Ask each member to share new solutions at the end of each round.

author Mark M
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