4 August 2016

Penny Count

Activity Purpose: Team Communication Building Exercise
Activity Duration: 10-30 minutes
Group Size: 10+ people

The purpose of the activity is to create an open-communication environment to discuss how your team feels about an important decision or an ice breaker for new team members. It gives everyone a chance to speak and share their opinion.

Team Count Exercise:

  1. Requests the group of participants to in a circle.
  2. Pass around a jar of pennies or a coin of your choosing. Tell the group members to take as many as they think they’ll need, without disclosing what the coins will be used for.
  3. If anyone ask questions, simply answer by saying, “take as much as you think you’ll need.
  4. Once that’s done, ask them to count the number of coins have and state their number aloud to the team.
  5. Going around the circle, each person has to share a fact about themselves for every square of penny they took. So, if a team member takes 10 squares, they need to share 10 facts about themselves. You can theme the exercise around Holiday visits or work events.
author Mark M
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