4 August 2016

Take a walk

Activity Purpose: Office Walk - Awareness walking

Activity Duration: 15 minutes

The Offices Stroll activity is intended to help bring awareness to you and your work day. This is the opportunity to for you to look within a find your motivation for the day or to bounce back from a disappointment. 

Office Walk Reminders:

    1. Think of your favorite place in your work place or outside near your work place. Set a timer on your watch or phone for 10-15 min.
    2. Walk slowly to this place. Clear your mind of stressful thoughts. DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE OR WATCH.
    3. Take notice of your surroundings. (The office chatter. New construction. The birds chirping outside the window.) Notice the feeling of your feet pushing off the ground as your walk. Remember your breathing. Breath slowly.
    4. When negative thoughts come into your mind just let them go. Do not get involved with them. Categorize these negative thoughts so you can quickly identify them later.
    5. Take in your surroundings and be aware that you are walking, of the feel of walking and of your breathing.
    author Mark M
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