24 August 2016

Team Vote Exercise

Activity Purpose: Team Vote Exercise
Activity Duration: 30 minutes
Group Size: 10+ people

Team Building Group Exercise

Group Vote exercise is meant to demonstrate the open door policy to your team.

  1. Place two flip charts 30 to 50 feet apart.
  2. Write the number one (“1”) and the words "Almost Never" on one flip-chart and the number seven (“7”) and the words "Almost Always" on the other flip-chart.
  3. Requests your group of participants to think about the statement “We tell the truth to each other” imagine a scale between one and seven, think about the statement: “As a work team, we tell each other the truth.”
  4. Direct the group to vote by physically positioning themselves on the scale from 1 to 7. The facilitator of the exercise request each person or group to declare the number they are located (“1”, “2.5”, etc.)
  5. Then follow with the requests of each of the group to turn and face their fellow coworkers and answer the question, "Why did you choose to stand at that particular number? Continue this Q&A until each of the groups or participants have answered.
  6. All participants should be given the opportunity to answer the question and give their opinion to the group. You can follow this same process for other questions like “We respect each other “ or “We give our all at work.” Make sure to allow everyone to share.

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