4 August 2016

The Blindfold Game

Activity Purpose: Team Feedback exercise
Activity Duration: 15-60 minutes
Group Size: 8+ people

The blindfold game is exercise that intends for team members to become more comfortable with sharing and receiving feedback. This is an effective way to break communication barriers that vary based on the situation.

Activity: 15-60 minutes

For the best results, choose an open space and scatter furniture and objects around the room. This is your course or field of play for teams. Split teams in group of 3 or 4 members. Assign numbers to each member of the group. Select a random number and instruct each team to start at the end of the room. The selected number is the member that will be blindfolded. The sighted members of the team must guide the blindfolded member to the opposite end of the room. When each team reaches the other end of the room, the group members switch roles and repeat activity.

author Mark M
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