4 August 2016

Warm Seat

Activity Purpose: Comfortable Way of Soliciting Feedback

Activity Duration: 20-30 minutes

Group Size: 5-10 people

The warm seat is a comfortable seat from which someone can comfortably solicit feedback. It is a great way for your employees to ask for input on what is really on their mind!

Activity: 20-30 minutes

For the best results, sit in a horse-shoe fashion with a seat placed a the head of the horse-shoe, the "warm seat." One person, known as the Seeker, assumes the warm seat. The Seeker is always in control; if she feels that the seat is too hot, too cold, or otherwise uncomfortable, she simply moves off and the conversation halts.

The Seeker asks questions of the group before her. The Seeker should ask actionable questions: for example she can ask, "how can I improve my communication?" or "what can I do to improve my leadership?"

If possible, it is helpful to place a board behind the Seeker where the question is written in large font. This board will help those providing feedback focus on both the Seeker and the question at hand.

It is best to place a time limit on the Seeker: for example, 5 minutes per person.

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