29 September 2016

What Do The Presidential Candidates Say About Employee Engagement?

It's been a vigorous campaign season. Both Hillary and Donald have some very strong words to say about jobs in America. Here are our favorite quotes:

"I want to see companies do profit-sharing" - Hillary
Our Analysis: Profit-sharing is an absolutely fantastic method of making your employees feel ownership of the company. Statistics report that only around 15% of businesses engage in profit-sharing with their employees but profit-sharing boosts employee engagement substantially. Check out this article about what happened when Greek yogurt company Chobani began a profit-sharing initiative.

"Most of the new jobs come from small business" - Hillary
Our Analysis: Around 64% of new jobs are generated by samll businesses - so if you are a small business owner, thank you for strengthening our economy! This comment also underscores the immense power small business owners have to redefine what work looks like. Read our post on 5 things you can do now to let your employees know you care

"We have to do a much better job at keeping our jobs" - Donald
Our Analysis: We differ here from old Donny.  We argue that we must strive to create new jobs that leverage technological efficiencies and put us at the front of high-growth industries. And we argue that in order to continually innovate, grow, and create more jobs, we must ensure our employees are engaged at work. Read more about the tie between employee engagement, earnings, and economic growth. 

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