Your Path to Employee Engagement

Pulse surveys, peer recognition, suggestions and feedback in one simple weekly check-in.

SensientHR Pulse Survey
1.Ask 'em what's up

Each week we send employees a 1-minute survey to gather anonymous feedback and sentiment

2.Get 'em engaged

Suggestions left by any employee can be viewed, upvoted and commented on by any other employee, crowdsourcing ideas for improving company culture

SensientHR Suggestions
SensientHR Employee Recognition
3.Recognize 'em

Managers and employees can publicly recognize employees' good work.

4.Listen to 'em

Now you can easily view what is most important to your employees and segment by subpopulation

SensientHR Sentiment Analysis
arrow down5.Make 'em happy

Voila! Your employees have owned the process
of suggesting improvement to your company

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Why Employee Engagement Matters

Disengaged employees are costing your organization in sales, productivity, turnover and absenteeism.



SensientHR improves employee retention, engagement, and performance.

Increase revenue

Every 1% increase in engagement delivers up to a .6% increase in revenue. Our clients see up to a 15% increase in engagement in first 3 months.

Retain employees

Highly engaged companies average 50% lower churn costs. Even in small businesses this can amount to significant saving per year.

Increase productivity

Engaged companies have 37% fewer sick days, 30% higher productivity, and up to 2.5 times better customer satisfaction.


Metrics aren't that useful without anything to compare them to. Compare results internally (e.g by team) or externally against other companies.

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SensientHR Testimonial

SensientHR is a no-brainer for any manager who appreciates the importance of employee wellness. Gone are the days when a tool such as SensientHR is a "nice-to-have". Employees remark how they feel valued just by virtue of our implementing SensientHR. Managers know that this fills the "can't-manage-what-you-don't measure" gap.

Ted Rebholz, Temescal Wellness

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Your path to happier employees, healthier culture, and improved productivity.