About Us

Sensient is the first HR platform that not only helps you better diagnose your employees' needs, but also ensures that your employees are actively invested in making your company the best it can be. 70% of the American workforce feels disengaged in the workplace. Sensient is a fun and easy-to-use technology that allows companies to help all of their employees truly love what they do. Every Sensient client gets the software they need to retain their talent and bring out the best in every employee.

Founders' Story

SensientHR was founded based on the personal experiences of both founders. We saw many of our friends and colleagues feeling anxious and depressed in the workplace. At the same time we met many managers and CEOs who stated they were uncertain how to best engage their diverse and distributed workers. Seeing a pressing need in the market, we founded SensientHR as an easy-to-use software tool to help management empower their workers to be the best they can be!

Dhrooti Vyas
Lauren Meyers
Scott Dunbar

Why Sensient?

Unlike others, our proprietary technology extracts meaningful trends from text-based pulse responses. Our employee portal encourages all stakeholders to be actively engaged with improving the company culture.

Giving at Sensient

We are delighted to offer our product at greatly-reduced cost to not for profits doing positive work in their community. Contact our giving program.


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